Connecting the Disconnected

Our solution creates HEALTH CENTERS on the fly in hard to reach areas and provides health-screening services in a simple and easy way.

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We identify & select disconnected areas, which has no access to healthcare and the local community needs it.


Our portable technology-enabled Health platform is equipped to provide primary care & screen chronic conditions.


We start seeing patients on the very day we launch, health workers inform the community of the new health services.


1. Portable projection devices to deliver effective audio-visual health awareness content anywhere and anytime.

2. An ecosystem of micro-servers, routers and repeaters creating a Mesh Network with Access Points and Delivery Points.

3. Integrating portable medical grade diagnostic devices (HL7 + HIPAA compliant) to this network. A standard mobile application to capture data from these diagnostic devices and an API adapter to transmit this data to the main platform in the Cloud.

4. AI & ML supplemented main platform runs the recommendation engine on the data and presents it to the relevant doctor queues (cardio, general physician, neurologist, urologist, Etc) prioritising it case by case as per the urgency. Doctors recommendations and prescription is sent back on the same application, through the same network.

5. Patients are able to get their diagnosis, recommendation and prescription sent back through the same network at the same access point where the diagnostic data was collected by Primary Health Workers.


A Portable Digital Health Ecosystem for rapid deployment,

Works On/Offline

System works offline for diagnostic data gathering and can be synched,

Easy to User

Human-centric design for easy use & multilingual support for native languages,


Color coded easy to understand report,


Engine runs predictive analysis and is able to prioritise and categorise,


Best quality ,

Our Products

A portable, renewable-energy powered, healthcare ecosystem that creates digital popup health centres in the middle of nowhere without the need for grid electricity, internet or expensive infrastructure and all happens through our proprietary platform and application.


  • CozBoz is a device that helps deliver Health Awareness and Educational content in audio visual and interactive format. This content can be delivered anywhere and anytime. It is solar/wind energy powered, compact, rugged and lightweight.

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  • CozBoz-Buddy is the ecosystem that creates a network for the medical diagnostic data to travel to and from the rural villages where the mobile data network and internet doesn’t exist or is very erratic.

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Mera Checkup

  • Mera Checkup is our Indian rural healthcare initiative which is a technology-enabled platform which provides access to low-cost Health assessment, Diagnosis, Health monitoring. This initiative is powered by our CozBoz Ecosystem.

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Our platform has been designed to address the unique challenges, presented by the Undeserved areas in the world.

The two major components of Our platform, CozBoz and Buddy, provide all the necessary building blocks for deploying Healthcare devices in the remote regions with enterprise-grade security and deployment options to suit a wide range of requirements.


Digital Training



What people say

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. ― Teddy Roosevelt

Parveen Kumar

We are very happy with the way BOOMnBUZZ conducted the health awareness session and practicals using medical diagnostic equipment. This will help to strengthen the rural health system in our region.

Mahender Rawat

The devices are so easy to use and portable that it can be used in remote and rural locations with an easy. All the basic test can be conducted in the location and reports generated quickly we wish them luck and want this solution in our village.

Som Kumar

Sometimes children listen more to an external agency than parents. BOOMnBUZZ has been conducting workshops at our school which has really helped us to inculcate the best education about health in students.

Kusum Bist

Today we saw how the function of the internal organs (Eye, Heart, Lungs) , First Aid and many health-related tips and videos for do and don't.  This is the first time we saw a portable projector and it was amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you do towards health care?

Our solution revolves around patients’ needs we provide a high level of quality and affordable service. We do this through innovative design, excellent customer service, and the efficient use of technology. We believe in building trust-based partnerships with patients and ecosystem partners.

What is primary care?

Primary care refers to the kind of medical care you need first — before you get sick before you need to see a specialist before you need to go to a hospital. We focus on prevention and screening and coordinating your tests, treatments, specialist visits and hospitalizations with our partner network.

Do I need to fast before the lab test?

Some tests are accurate only if you have been fasting before having your blood drawn. If you need to fast before your tests, then you should not eat food or drink anything besides water for a minimum of 12 hours prior to the test.

What Does 'Non-invasive' Mean?

Non-invasive simply means the body is not invaded or cut open as during investigations or while conducting the diagnosis.